Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA)

It’s extremely common to see the acronym FECA when you’re dealing with your workers compensation claim or related documents. In an effort to ensure clarity and present information without making assumptions, it seemed like a good idea to offer a quick understanding of FECA.

FECA stands for the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act. The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act is a law that was passed in 1916 in order to ensure that civilians who are employed by the United States government are provided the necessary benefits in the event of injury or illness related to your employment with the federal government. Prior to this, there were no such provisions for federal workers comp.

Under the law, provisions are made through the Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP) to cover the payment of medical expenses and compensation for wage loss as a result of your work-related injury. Additionally, there are benefits provided for the dependants/family members of those who, unfortunately, died from work-related injuries.

However, some things to know about FECA are that it doesn’t provide retirement benefits and the expectation of those receiving benefits is that they will do everythings in their power to return to work, including attending all necessary medical and therapeutic treatments and any rehabilitative services related to job training or transition possible.

If you are injured as a federal worker, you should rest confidently in knowing that there are many provisions and services available to you by federal law and that your recovery should never be inhibited by administrative costs.

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