The talented team at recently published an article that should prove helpful to federal government employees who have been injured while performing duties associated with their employment. The article, entitled “5 Reasons Your OWCP Compensation Benefits May Be Terminated” discusses some of the common missteps injured federal workers make that jeopardize their claim. For quick reference’s sake we’ve listed a synopsis of their article below. To read the source article in its entirety, please visit the link listed at the bottom of this post.

Insufficient Doctor Report

Your doctor needs to provide documentation that justifies all the medical services and treatments that you need for your injury. Insufficient documentation is one of the leading causes of denied benefits. Where possible, make sure that you see a doctor that is experienced in treating DOL injury and writing letters for OWCP claims. Experienced federal workers compensation doctors should be able to properly explain the diagnoses and the requisite treatments and care options.

“If the doctor doesn’t provide rationale for a definitive link between the work incident and medical condition, the workers’ compensation claim will not likely be approved.”

Refusal to Accept Job Placement

Partially disabled employees are usually offered a job position that should be “suitable” for the injured federal employee to perform. Federal workers compensation indicates that the injured employee is obligated to accept the new position if it is, indeed, suitable for them. If the injured federal worker does not seek suitable employment, or if they reject such opportunities provided to them by their employing agency, then they will likely lose their compensation benefits. Those that do not believe their new position to be suitable can talk to their doctor or attorney for assistance.

“If you are offered a new position, which you do not believe to be suitable, explain why (in writing) to your employer.”

Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Injured federal employees who are instructed to participate in the OWCP vocational rehabilitation program are obligated to take part. If they choose not to comply, the OWCP can terminate all wage-loss benefits.

And More

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